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Complete Diagnostic and Preventive Care

We believe in preventive dentistry. We define Preventive Dentistry as the care and life style practices designed to keep your teeth and gums healthy and attractive for a lifetime. This is a program that has benefits no matter the age of the patient. We begin this program with a child’s first dental appointment by making it a positive experience. Emphasis is places on proper diet, a program of home care designed to maintain healthy teeth and gums and regular check ups.

We offer Orthodontic care for our young and not so young patients. It is truly never too late to straighten teeth and create a beautiful smile. We have treated patients as old as 65 with orthodontics.

We offer many new technologies including digital x-rays to reduce radiation and improve diagnosis, Metal free crowns, Digital intraoral cameras and microabrasion

We offer various sedation options for patients who might be nervous or concerned about treatment. We have treated the most fearful patients comfortably and successfully.